WAN Selection (SWANS)

  • Intelligent WAN Selection (SWANS): A new flow control system optimized for wireless connectivity. For most SD-WAN solutions, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi-as-WAN connections are basically a black box. There is little data available to provide effective traffic guidance decisions. To make matters worse, inferring link performance by using 4G LTE's composite transmission may consume a user's gigabyte monthly data plan. SWANS runs at the link manager level (Layer 2) and combines lightweight "ping" directly from the modem and other interfaces to measure measurement latency, jitter, and data plan consumption to accurately control the 4G LTE link. Traffic-oriented behavior without excessive overhead.


    In the era of digital transformation, the definition of wide area network (WAN) is changing within enterprises and government agencies. In addition to private data centers and fixed branch offices, wide area networks (WANs) can connect to cloud services and mobile sites such as vehicles, temporary stores, smart city infrastructure, and mobile command centers, as well as remote sensors, surveillance cameras, and digital signage. And the kiosk. Nowadays, people, places and affairs need to be connected securely, which promotes the integration of SDN and cellular technology, laying the foundation for the realization of 5G advantages in the future.

    Emerging 5G services are expected to increase WAN traffic by 10 times over current 4G network connections, while providing one millisecond latency and 10 years of battery life for IoT devices. Cradlepoint's new business intelligence intelligence (The State of 5G in 2017) details the advancement of cellular technology, which will enable many new and unimaginable use cases, including several megabytes per second of wired WANs. Revolutionary changes in replacement, augmentation, remote control robots and healthcare.

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