private network (VPN) and SD-WAN network access

  • The Sin Chew Daily reported that VPN and SD-WAN can enable mainland netizens to bypass the Great Wall firewall and browse websites blocked by the mainland. The complete blockade of VPN will cause major problems for foreign companies, including the inability to connect video conferences and servers with foreign countries. Foreign companies are currently forced to choose between isolation, monitoring and retreat.


    Bloomberg reported the new regulations as early as July last year and will be implemented before February 2018. At that time, the report stated that informed sources revealed that the mainland ordered three major state-owned telecom operators to prevent customers from using VPN applications. The full blockade of the painting from February 1 this year will threaten to affect hundreds of millions of users in the mainland.


    Among them, mainland enterprises can connect to the international network by renting a dedicated line, but they must register first to facilitate supervision. In addition, in July last year, China Telecom also sent a letter to corporate customers stating that in the future, only VPNs will be allowed to connect to the overseas headquarters of the company.

    Netease "Yuntou" reported yesterday that according to a notice issued by China Telecom on SD-WAN Experts, mainland China requires major commercial Internet service providers to block TCP port 80, port 8080 and before January 11, 2018. Port 443.


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