Technological innovation “SD-WAN”

  • Nowadays, the use of cloud services with excellent flexibility and expandability is expanding in corporate information systems. This makes it possible for companies to utilize services and resources “when they are needed” and “the amount they need”. In addition, by connecting to other information systems using API (application program interface) provided by the cloud service, it is possible to construct a total system with high operational efficiency and high convenience.

    Against this background, the following requests from users for IT infrastructure are as follows.

    Ensuring flexibility of network infrastructure in line with rapid corporate management and globalization

    Accelerate use of cloud services on the Internet and respond to traffic increases

    Ensuring security when using public cloud
    However, many network services currently do not reach cloud services in terms of flexibility and expandability, and have the problem that they are not able to smoothly follow changes in corporate management.
    At the same time, with the increase in cloud-oriented communications, there is a need for measures such as quality degradation due to tight communication in the traditional centralized network configuration of corporate networks.
    In addition, dealing with security risks that are changing every day nowadays is also important for maintaining compliance and corporate image.

    SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) concept
    The SD-WAN technology is now attracting attention as a solution to such demands.
    So what is SD-WAN? Simply put, it is a technology that identifies WAN applications and controls WAN traffic based on user policies.
    This is the same concept as SDN used in data centers, etc., and it is also applied to WANs to achieve (1) centralized management (2) separation of data and control (3) software control requirements.
    In addition, it uses overlay technology on the WAN to communicate with each component.

    More specifically, in the conventional corporate network, it is necessary to set the CPE of each base individually, and local work and adjustments for it are issues, and security equipment operation and policy management are also required for security measures. Etc. tend to be complicated.
    In this situation, using SD-WAN facilitates base deployment and various management, and at the same time, strengthens security measures.


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