The first quest giver on a Full realm on launch day

  • The first quest giver on a Full realm on launch day. That blue smear is hundreds of player names.
    The demand for space on World of Warcraft Classic servers, which launched tonight at 6 p.m. 
    Eastern Time, has been

    Fans of the nearly 15-year-old game have been creating characters like mad since last week, 
    reserving their names and a shot at recapturing 
    the nostalgia of playing the game as it was close to its launch. There is no up-front cost to Classic; 
    if you have an active World of Warcraft 
    subscription, you own it. So the barrier to those wanting to take a gander at the game, whether 
    they stay or not, is very low.As a result, nearly 
    every server at launch was reading Full before the game even began, and Blizzard's been posting 
    increasingly plaintive notes asking people to move 
    off ultra-full servers where streamers or popular communities have taken up residence to newer, 

    Realistically, WoW game director Ion Hazzikostas told Forbes, the population is going to drop 
    dramatically after the tourists leave and the committed 
    WoW Classic players settle in for the long haul. To deal with that disparity, the company is using 
    "layering," which creates multiple copies of the entire 
    game world of Azeroth to hold people in the short term.