How to recover AOL Email password

  • In today’s time where one has innumerable accounts, so are their passwords. And remembering the passwords is a most cumbersome task. It is common to forget any of your passwords but later resetting them demands mind-strolling hard work. AOL is a webmail service provider where one can send and receive emails instantly without any interruptions. Emails have become a most important mode of formal and sometimes informal communication. From students to businessmen, everyone accesses emails. But the real problem occurs when you forget the password to access your email. In such a situation, recovering passwords of AOL is an easier task, you can do it yourself or simply reach out to

    AOL technical support number for assistance.

    Reminding email passwords can be sometimes a difficulty but thanks to the webmail service providers who give us an option of recovering the passwords and resetting them. By following some troubleshooting steps you can recover your password.

    Recovering Email Password of AOL

    Before you start the process of recovery, try to check your browser first. You might have allowed your browser to save your password through the pop-ups that occur mostly everywhere you try to login.

    Password Reset Procedure

    AOL has shifted to offering a password reset than password recovery for the more secure approach. It has developed an easy procedure to do so.

    Step 1: Go to AOL Mail login page and select ‘Login’

    Step 2: Type in your AOL username and click ‘next’

    Step 3: Choose ‘Forgot Password’ then type your username and click ‘next’

    Step 4:Type the phone number associated with your account and click ‘next’.

    Step 5: You can also choose to receive an email to reset your password. The email will be sent to the recovery mail address you added at the time of sign up.

    Step 6: Enter the ‘code’ AOL has sent to your phone number and click ‘next’

    Step 7: Enter the new password you want to set and click ‘save’


    At the time of troubleshooting to recover your password, if you get stuck, instantly get in touch with the AOL tech support number, where you will get assisted in solving the problem.

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