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  • OP isn running enough board wipes either I don think. I would prefer closer to 5, which would osrs goldbe plenty of answers to carnage tyrant. I don think you want liliana so bad just because sometimes you run into mono green, and hopefully they have less than 3 creatures when they play carnage.


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    However, you should avoid using Overloads with this boss. If you are in need of RS gold to gather these items, you can buy RS 3 gold cheap on RSorder.Worn useful EquipmentTop/Body You'll want to use some power armor, preferably Nex armor. Subjugation is fine if you really want to save money.Bottom/Legs The same as the body, in that power armor should be used.Amulet/Necklace The Amulet of Souls is the best necklace for this boss.Gloves/Bracelet Dominion Gloves for the glove slot is best choice.Ammo Your ammo slot should use either a Wicked Pouch or, more realistically, any of the Quivers for added prayer bonus.Be mindful during the FightDuring the fight, you should make sure to use the Dominion Mines from the start, Vulnerability helps a bit, Dreadnips are great to make sure the battle doesn't last forever eith the abomination at 1hp, and abuse the hell out of the 15th anniversary cake.

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