Cloud Computing: Now, It's Time to Fly and Has it

  • Today, almost every single gadget which has computing power is a device that communicates with big computers that we are all collectively making for everyone the earth. We've already entered into a brand new era of computing, so we refer to it as "CLOUD COMPUTING". Surprisingly, everybody is using Cloud-computing.

    Off track! "Cloud computing" sounds bizarre. Cloud is abstracted so much that you can not physically view it whenever you spend time at home and make use of a Cloud Server and that is located thousands miles far from home, you can feel it but cannot touch it.

    Do you remember how things changed when the "Internet" emerged? And today this "Internet" thing has allowed us to try and do "computing around the Internet"? Yes! We end up needing Connection to the web to access "Cloud" and when we're connected, we can easily do whatever we might normally do on our own computer. What's the benefit of performing it online? Here we go, when we simply can't afford costly software licenses of the latest software, but nonetheless want to work on it, free and trial may well not allow full-fledged by using it. After we demand more CPU and GPU to try and do edit HD graphics and multimedia files, but simply can't afford to upgrade our existing desktop or laptop, or computer is not upgraded anymore to become compatible with latest software. After we need our software to become available everywhere we go. Cloud-computing solves each one of these problems without costing an arm plus a leg. How? It is relatively simple, actual processing is conducted around the Cloud Servers; we only rent it when we want it.

    Maybe you've pointed out that in past few years fixed line phones won't be a property; Land-lines are simply serving offices and few homes. How do you order Pizza these days? How do you book your tickets and Flights? You may will not be carrying telephone numbers along; almost all of you have "apps". These apps reside on CLOUD, virtually we know it as being "apps store". Nearly all internet surfers have used cloud for many years if they knew it or otherwise not; free emails, music online, hosting websites etc. all were on cloud. Now fearing the cloud is unnecessary so we cannot avoid connecting to cloud, it's become section of our digital life. "CLOUD COMPUTING" - Both of these simple words have caused numerous arguments in a variety of users and repair providers and have left many all over the net deeply confused.

    Were using a lot of free cloud based services, for instance Emails, Online Entertainment, Document Collaborations, Reservations, File Sharing, and private Storage etc. Now, Cloud computing has begun leveraging an expedient means of accessing each one of these services efficiently, no matter what computing device you have or even your physical location. Instead of installing application on your laptop, it's easy to handle the installation on cloud and utilize it through the device which has capacity to access online, Store your very own and business data on cloud and live tension free, let somebody steal your laptop, your details resides on cloud, this is not on your laptop, no mishap together with your PC or laptop can harm your digital life anymore.

    How can it act on the Cloud Service provider's side? You might have been aware of "Virtualization", It's increased computing and network capacity and lowered our expenses, and has changed many organizations fortune where budgets, Machine cost and manpower were limitations. Virtualization could be the enabler of Cloud technology that's made modern cloud infrastructure possible.

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