Wool Shear Sheep Clippers for sale

  • The wool shear sheep clippers for sale is a wool hand shear with a total length of 32 cm and a blade length of 17 cm. This is a multi-purpose scissors.

    It hand sheep shears is right time to shear sheep wool.

    The time for shearing wool is about twice a year. On the farm, this task is carried out by real professionals: usually three to four shearers work in parallel in their own shearing shed. They usually take three to five minutes to cut wool. It’s all done by hand.

    Cutting is always done at the knee height. The hand sheep shears for sale are sheep cutting machine . They sandwiched a sheep between their legs and scraped the wool from the entire body. A very wide comb is used in the shearing machine to keep the sheep from injury.

    Starting from the stomach, legs, throat and head, the wool is cut to the buttocks. After a few minutes, it’s all over.

    Wool shear sheep wool clippers is an essential tool in sheep farming.

    Sheep clipper advantages

    1. The sheep hair clipper is high-quality manganese steel quenching technology, using advanced forging process, refined by multiple processes, sharp edge, solid and wear-resistant
    2. Pure steel lock, never loose, with pure steel lock, with anti-slip rubber ring, durable, not loose
    3. Bold barb Convenient for storage. Hang up directly after use, apply a small amount of anti-embroider oil to the knife edge, and save it properly.
    4. Sheep shearing clippers with double spring

    In addition, the company also sells electric sheep shears electric wool shears and sheep wool shearing blades sheep clipper blades , with excellent quality and reasonable price. For details, please call or contact us online.