Plastic calf bottle

  • 2L Plastic Calf Bottle

    Calf bottle, it is a kind of calf feeding equipment, as a feeding tool suitable for cattle, cows, calves and other animals.
    Cattle bottle is made from rugged polyethylene plastic, this small milk bottle is made from a special rubber formula that is highly flexible and increases feeding capacity, Product environmentally friendly. It can make your calf grow stronger.

    1. 2L plastic calf milk bottle feeding equipment adopt high quality plastic, antibacterial silicone pacifiers, durable,no-toxic,more safety.
    2. Sturdy plastic nursing bottle with rubber calf nipple. Easy to clean and sterilize.
    3. Accurate calibration, it is clear to see.
    4. Big bottleneck,convenient to fill milk.
    5.  Handle design, simple structure, easy to operate.
    6. Burdock bottle(feeding bottle) for sale

    After the calf is weaned, the cows can be fed with milk bottles. This calf milk bottle has a volume of 2L, which can meet the growing demand for milk in the growth of the calf.The quality of the calf bottle is very good and durable. It can be used to completely wean the calf.

    The company sells bottles of different specifications and different capacities,such as 1L plastic calf bottle and 1.6L plastic calf bottle .The quality is excellent,the price is reasonable, welcome to consult and order.