Pig Paddle

  • The material of the electric pig paddle is PVC.

    This pig paddle is different from the traditional way of catching pigs, which opens up a new era of catching pigs.

    The hog paddle is available in a variety of sizes to meet a wide range of consumer choices.



    1. The swine paddle is high piezoelectric output copper column
    2. Battery cover assembly of hog paddle
    3. Charging socket of swine
    4. Hand protection board, power switch of paddle
    5. Waterproof rubber ring, high voltage electric copper piece
    6. Drive rod assembly of piglet paddles

    Features of the pig paddle:

    1. Save cost and time for your cattle breeding farm, pig breeding farm
    2. Excellent quality of the hog paddle,for a long time of the use
    3. High efficiency, save manpower, paddle is easy to control the animals, save current for animals,no hurt.
    4. The paddle of swine is removable and easy to use
    5. Sealed motor technology, electronics inside will not be damaged by dirt, manure and moisture, waterproof
    6. The pig paddle can be bent 180 degrees at will, will not break, use assured
    7. The hog paddle comes with lighting, and it is convenient to catch pigs at night.