Automatic Syringe Injector

  • The automatic syringe injector is a veterinary adjustable continuous syringe. The continuous syringe is durable, high temperature resistant, comfortable to use and easy to replace. It is one of the indispensable syringes for livestock injection.

    This adjustable continuous syringe is made of high-quality steel and is durable, corrosion-resistant and rust-free. The handle of the syringe is a high quality encrypted plastic. The glass sleeve of the continuous automatic syringe injector for livestock is made of heat-treated glass and all parts can be sterilized at a high temperature and pressure of 125 °C.

    The dexterous humanized design makes the operation of the syringe more convenient and comfortable, and the dosage is more accurate.

    Rubber valve core is replaced by the stainless steel bead as the valve core, achieve stronger liquid absorption strength.

    Scale indication is increased from original 0.2ml to 0.1ml, improve precise dose measuring for injection.

    Ordinary vaccine syringes have the following disadvantages.

    1. Inefficient use
    2. Ordinary syringe scale is not accurate, waste vaccine
    3. Livestock is susceptible to infection after injection
    4. Ordinary syringes cannot be used repeatedly

    Vaccine continuous automatic syringe injector effectively can avoid the disadvantages of conventional syringes.

    1. Automatic syringe injector can be added automatically, saving time and effort
    2. Continuous syringes increase injection speed and efficiency
    3. The scale of the syringe is accurate to avoid waste of liquid
    4. Continuous syringes are commonly used vaccine inj