Artificial Insemination Gloves for Cattle Cow Sheep


    shoulder length disposable veterinary gloves arm length disposable gloves artificial insemination gloves

    The disposable ar insemination gloves adopt the international advanced composite blown film technology, and the strength is increased by 50% under the same thickness, and the problem of perforation and tearing is more effectively solved.

    We offer a wide range of veterinary gloves long veterinary artificial insemination glove , which is widely used for varied purposes. These gloves prevent the hands against contamination. Our range is available in numerous shapes and sizes . These gloves are disposable in order to avoid any kind of harm to the environment. Customers can avail our range at industry leading prices.

    The insemination gloves do not contain any natural latex ingredients allergic to human skin, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless.

    Features of the gloves

    Disposable gloves, safe and healthy for both humans and animals

    The length of the glove is moderate, and it is convenient and flexible when people wear it.

    The insemination gloves are of good quality and is non-toxic, tasteless and harmless to people and livestock.

    This disposable artificial insemination gloves veterinary gloves are mainly used for rectal palpation of cattle, buffalo, horse and donkey, ovarian pregnancy test, obstetrics and artificial insemination.

    Disposable veterinary artificial insemination glove is necessary to prevent workers from suffering from occupational diseases and cross-infected female reproductive diseases.


    The picture is the material and specification of the artificial insemination gloves long veterinary gloves disposable .