Sheep Trough Plastic Water Troughs for Livestock

  • The thickness of the edge of the sheep trough plastic water troughs for livestock can reach more than 5mm. The plastic sheep sink is multi-functional and can be fed and consumed. The feed trough is easy to clean dirt.

    Our company’s sheep troughs are made of high-strength environmentally-friendly plastic in one-time production. Sheep waterer adds imported core materials such as toughening agent and anti-aging agent to the product. The pressure resistance of the plastic sheep trough plastic livestock trough is not afraid of drying and weathering, and it can withstand the low temperature of minus 40 degrees.The sheep water tankcan be used for more than 16 years.

    The general plastic is not exposed to sunlight for a long time, and the flame retardant polyurethane can withstand high temperature.

    Features: long life, non-toxic, high-strength environmentally friendly materials. sheep feed troughs for sale water trough for sheep

    Compared with the troughs of other materials, the iron trough is easily corroded by chemical components such as salt. It is not durable. If the water inside is contaminated or frozen, it is very troublesome to clean up. Use our sheep trough to solve the problem.

    This sheep trough goat water trough is available in two sizes.

    Plastic watering trough size: 100cm*30cm*18cm

    195cm*30cm*18cm (automatic goat feeders for sale)

    The trough plastic livestock water trough is botn feed trough and water trough goat feeders for sale.

    sheep and goat feeders