Visual Concepts’ basketball franchise continues with NBA 2K21

  • An aggregate of five cards show up as new passages in NBA 2K21 PC VC packs with Throwback Moments cards. Driving the way is a trio of Galaxy Opals with Steve Nash, Gordon Hayward, and Robert Parish. With the Nash GO, MyTeam gamers can include an incredible point monitor with seven Gold and 47 Hall of Fame identifications. Those incorporate Volume Shooter, Floor General, Ankle Breaker, Dimer, and Clamps.

    With Gordon Hayward, the 6-foot-8 little forward speaks to the Utah Jazz for his GO card It incorporates 99 by and large Offensive and Defensive scores. Hayward has 18 Gold and 43 HOF Badges with Difficult Shots, Volume Shooter, Acrobat, Hot Start, Pick Dodger, and Clamps among them.