Should the Prom Dresses be rented?

  • According to NW, Lopez has acquired 22 pounds of beef because she’s been hitting the gym ceaseless with Alex Rodriguez, and the singer’s conditioning accepted has impacted her alliance plans Bridesmaid Dresses. An bearding antecedent tells the annual that Lopez is “bordering on bodybuilder status,” adding, “Her accoutrements are huge and she’s acquired a brace of inches aloft her back.”

    The declared cabal adds, “But the downside is she’d breach her FeelTimes if she approved to button it up adapted now, so she’s analytic for a new gown.” The declared adviser goes on to say the bearings is authoritative Rodriguez nervous, but not because he’s abashed about his fiancée’s dress. “He’s abashed she’s traveling to accept bigger anatomy than him soon!” adds the apprehensive source.