Spin and Win Mode Comes To Zynga Poker

  • Thanks to Zynga Poker, players will now have the opportunity to play shorter, quick-scoop online tournaments. What's more, after each win, the lucky prize wheel can be spun for a chance to win up to 10x the initial purchase value. According to Zynga Publishing President, Bernard Kim, the new Play and Win mode is a direct idea from the mouth of the players. Fast-paced style games quickly meet the needs of players who want to enjoy a little poker pleasure but don't always have plenty of time to roam around in long hands.

    Faster gameplay mechanism allows the tournament to last from 5 to 8 minutes. There is also a three-handed tournament that has just been launched and following the winner takes it all in a play style. Faster, bigger, better; this seems to be a continuous mantra of a new generation of poker players and if the business will remain relevant, the needs of the generation of instant gratification must be met. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Texas Holdem Poker Chips, you can visit our website 5mmo.com.

    As an extra touch, this new mode displays the original environment and branded tables from the World Poker Tour, which makes players hot on the world stage. This not only applies in the sense that players will find themselves in the same poker room they watched on broadcast, but also that they will become challenging players throughout the world in short form and high stakes tournaments. Because everything moves faster, this is not a place for players who don't know what they are doing. There are no additional risks associated with playing Spin & Win, but there shouldn't be; faster speed and more aggressive play will ensure that unwise and unskilled players will part with their chips in a short amount of time.

    Zynga Poker has built a reputation for itself by paying attention to the needs, desires, and preferences of its customers. No wonder it's so absurdly popular among mobile poker games. To make it better, the mobile game platform boasts of being one of the most realistic and profound Texas Hold'Em experiences on the planet. Now, with the new mode, the most skilled players will be able to prove how good they are by rising above the others while simultaneously sweeping through many chips. Given this, it won't be too surprising when the platform introduces new level prizes and other items that are built to suit top players.