Pastor's role positioning

  • Pastor's role positioning

    The role of setting

        The talents that can be learned: the sacred system, the discipline system, and the talent of the shadow system are different according to the direction of the priest exercise and the means used. The priest is divided into three kinds of talents: “sacred”, “precepts” and “shadow”.
        The sacred talent is a healing talent. This talented pastor is good at treating large areas of allies. Because the cultivation of the Holy Light is extremely profound, even if the body has died, its spirit and will will continue to change through the light of the Holy Light. .
        Discipline talent is a healing talent. This talented priest is good at treating single people. In particular, shields formed by the Holy Light can protect the allies from harm. On the battlefield, a disciplined animal husbandry and a tank occupation can usually quickly pull up the enemy's flag and make the enemy helpless.
        Shadow Talent is a legal output talent. This talented priest is good at using shadows and other simple sacred spells to make opponents infected with various diseases and eventually die. It is a dark mourner.



        Whether it is career positioning, professional skills or professional suits, the pastor's career seems to be very suitable for women from all angles. As the only occupation with two therapeutic talents, the pastor is often the preferred choice in various treatment occupations, and the output of the good pastor skills is also very high.

    Career symbol

        Blessing/curse, epic wand, quest item and hunter's epic bow are the same Boss drop, of course, the items that fall are not only these, in extreme cases will drop WOW Classic Gold, with it can help you The role of the role with skill assistance, so that their own strength has improved a grade, and the difficulty of the task is no less than the hunter's epic task.

    Features: Treatment
    Pastors can use their divine power to restore the lives of themselves and their companions.
    Remote damage
    The Priest's Shadow Magic can directly deal a great deal of damage or damage the enemy.
    The priest can summon mysterious shields and divine power to counteract the damage and improve the defense of themselves and their companions.
    mind control
    The priest is connected to the spirit of the creature and controls the other.

    Skill classification
    The priest's skill classification is still quite a lot. In general, it is divided into three major categories: treatment, offensive, and auxiliary. There are a lot of scattered skills under each big category. If you want to know what skills are available, click on the URL to check: WOW Classic Boosting.