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    The Paladin is one of the professions of World Of Warcraft classic, defined as the ability to be versatile. As the guardian of the Light, the Paladins are noble and loyal. They are the mainstay of the team. They can use the divine aura to assist their teammates. They can also use blessing spells to protect the injured comrades and strengthen their strength. Paladin is a very noble and glorious character in the background story of World of Warcraft.

    Branch - Blood Knight:
    In the Scourge of War, they were abandoned by the Alliance and eventually joined the Horde's blood elves. Their leader: Kael'thas Sunstrider, captured in the battle of the Assault Storm Fortress while following Illidan Stormrage's exploration of the Outland. A left-behind Naru, Kael'thas observed the value of Nalu in the body full of the energy of the Holy Light, and ordered the Naruto to return the blood elf to the Silver City in the main city of Azeroth. And the Naru is imprisoned, and the magician in the blood-stained elf studies the energy of the light in his body.

        Finally, the Blood Elf mastered the method of extracting and converting the energy of the Holy Light in Naru, and a new Knights were born. The blood elf paladin with the nostalgia and sorrow of the dead people in the Scourge War, and the hatred abandoned by the Alliance and the Holy Light, understand and use the holy light in the way of arcane to achieve their purpose.

    Occupation Description:
        The Paladin is a fusion of close combat and caster. With healing, blessings, sacred hands and other abilities, the Paladin can play the most important role in team battles. In the team, each paladin can activate a halo to help all members, and can also apply blessings to specific members. You can use 4 kinds of holy hands in critical moments and use Holy Light for healing. And Buy WOW Classic Gold has a bonus effect on the treatment of the Paladin, which is rarely known to players.


        The Paladin is the killer of the undead and the devil. There are several kinds of skills that are aimed at the undead and the demon creature. However, it should be noted that these skills are not valid for the Horde players, because for the balance of the game, the player's undead is attributed to humanoids; but these skills can be used for warlocks who become demons. Death Knights in the form of undead can be used for players who lack Vanilla WOW Gold and can choose to buy from ZZWOW. Our website is Click on World of Warcraft Classic Gold to learn about .


        Like all other professions in World of Warcraft, Paladin has 3 talents:
    Holy System: The sacred talent mainly enhances the healing power of the Paladin and related spell attributes, while the deep sacred talent also provides special combat power for the Paladin. Generally, the Paladins who choose the sacred talents are all born as pure healing professions in the team. In the case of pvp, it has the functions of treatment, guarantee, counter control, and knife replenishment.

    Protection Department: The protection system talent mainly enhances the Paladin's injury-free ability, emergency ability and hate ability, while the deep protection talent also provides the Paladin with special shield-related damage ability. Generally, the Paladins who choose the protection system talents are all in the capacity of the tanks in the team. In the case of pvp, at present, it is only effective to contain the melee class occupation, and the legal profession can only act as a sandbag.


         Disciplinary system: The disciplinary talent mainly enhances the Paladin's close physical damage ability, close sacred spell damage ability, explosive ability, control ability, anti-control ability, auxiliary damage ability. Generally, the Paladins who choose to be disciplined and talented are all appearing as the close-knit exporters in the team. In the case of pvp, the disciplinary knight has the function of breaking out and countering.