The important places of tourism and fun spots in Chennai and So

  • Gandhi, Kapaleeshwar etc. are there. The Particularly architectural style of the temple of Kapaleeshwar , true in south Indian architectural style. Where is the beautifully decorated idols above 10 feet height. If you want to visit, you can visit Kanchipuram, Madurai, Thanjavur etc. They exhibit more spiritual excellence and beauty sculptures for more than 50 years. For Boating you can visit museums in guindy, egmore, Birla planetarium, kannimara library, etc. including  3D wallpapers in chennai

    You can explore St. This is the 16th century roman catholic cathedral. Will be quite impressive from the inside. There is a remanence of British influence. Mahabalipuram is one of the most remarkable monuments and temples. Dating back to the 7th century bc the stone carved monuments are still in amazing condition. Victoria Hall, the Ripon Building, George Town Hall and the Connemara Public Library.

    Beach of Marina Samathi. It is filled with air. (south Indian women wear fresh jasmine in their hair), If you are into Marina Elliots beach or turn into lively street food markets in the evening. And lots of delicious snacks. You'll always be able to stumble and get lost. That's exactly what you can find backed up in some Chennai back alleys. 

    Coop Karnataka, Seventh Heaven, Carpathian Coral Karnataka, Cochra Kerala, Kutralam and other falls of Tengai, Mysore palace, etc. will be definetely impressing you once you visit. 

    If you need to  travel to Egmore . Other tour planners. If you are a family of children, you can’t find a low price.


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