Get the best Travel Engines like google Right Now

  • Travel Affiliate Guru, a full-featured professional PHP script provider, has announced its offer of free script installation service for the flight, cruise, rental cars, and hotel search results script, a few. The major search engines script user should email their log-in details of their hosting user interface, for example CPanel, so that the company can produce the right database and upload the files as soon as possible.

    For every installation, a license is going to be issued to get a website with all the license only being allowed first installation at the same time. The license with its website can be transferred to a brand new location though the user would be wise to one installation per license. A second installation for evaluation and/or modification purposes can be run nevertheless it shouldn't be public naturally.

    Travel Affiliate Guru provides for a direct flight ticket search results script, among other scripts, allowing interested visitors to simply make a travel affiliate search results website. The script can also be used to build an Amazon affiliate store.

    The technical requirements undoubtedly are a memorable website address, an affordable hosting account and space (at least 500 MB), as well as a PHO version 5.4+ with cURL and ioncube, and also a Linux hosting support PHP and MySQL server. The script already is included with all the essential functions.

    Travel Affiliate Guru has ensured the script can be instantly downloaded for instant operation, too, with all the license instantly delivered at the same time. Mobile phone, that the company or even the user is capable of doing, is surely an easy-to-follow and well-documented process. The travel site can be easily published online, effectively managed, and efficiently monetized once the installation is done.

    Upon installation, the user can be paid as an affiliate with his/her income generated by visitors seeking info on discounted rates on hotels, flights, cruises, and rental vehicles.

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