How to Fix When Avast Scan Hangs at 70%

  • Avast is a security system software that protects your system from various kinds of threats and other possibilities where the hackers can intrude into your personal space and misuse personal information. The program runs a continuous scan in the device in order to protect your device. An anti-virus program has become a necessity and it is a software that needs to be installed in every device. But what if, when the Avast program is running a scan in the device it suddenly stops at 70%? The error occurs again and again, even when you retry and it gets automatically stuck at 70% and doesn’t move forward. This can be a reason due to some internal glitches and can be resolved really easily. You can either look at the steps that are given below or catch up with the consultancy of Avast Customer Support Number whenever you feel the need for. There are many options that can be availed for fixing the error, and one of the best solutions that can be applied is to renew the Avast Security software. This blog talks about the two options through which this solution can be applied. You can continue to read further and execute the steps that are given below:


    Method 1- To renew the Avast Subscription with the help of the system tray icon:


    • Go to the reversible icon, select it with the help of a double click and then choose the option of exit from the system tray.
    • Choose the icon and open the application.
    • Now again click on the system tray icon and put a tick mark on the box which says program updates.
    • Once the updates have been downloaded and completed, close the icon
    • Then run the Avast scan in the system and see whether the issue has been resolved or not.


    Method 2- To renew the Avast Subscription using the main console:


    • With the help of the right click, choose the reversible icon which is at the taskbar and then selects the exit icon.
    • Now move to the main application and select the Avast icon.
    • Hit on ‘About the software’ and select the identity.
    • Once the download has been finished, close the program
    • Now again open the Avast Security program and run a scan in the device.


    With the help of these two methods, you can fix the scanning error in the Avast. And if you find out that the scan is still holding on till 70%, then it is highly recommended that you look out for some expert help via Avast Tech Support as soon as possible.


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