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    Mcafee is a company that provides extensive cyber security solutions for both desk/laptop and smartphone products. It provides with a comprehensive range of anti-virus software which can be installed in the system so as to safeguard the device from the potential threats. It helps you to protect your personal data from the cyber hackers and also the device from the attack of virus and malware in the system. You need to purchase the Mcafee antivirus and once you do that you are provided with a license key also known as product or grant key. The key is used when you are activating the software after you have installed in the operating system. But what if you have lost the product key and need it urgently? For that, you can read the content that has been written in the blog and can try the methods that have been suggested or can reach out to the Mcafee Customer Service if the given suggestions do not turn out to be effective.

    There can be many ways by which you can restore the missing key. Look at them one by one and apply the one which is the most convenient for you.

    Method 1- Retrieving the key from the installed copy of Mcafee

    • Launch the Mcafee antivirus product.
    • Now in the main menu, search for the Help option. And if you are not able to find Help, find the option for support and click on that.
    • Once done, look for the license details and if you had created a password while you had registered for the product, then enter the password and after that search for the license key.

    Method 2- If the product was purchased from an online retail store.

    • Look for it in the confirmation mail. The retail store owner would have provided you with the license key via an email after you had purchased the product. If you are no longer to find the mail or had deleted that, then move to the next step.
    • Get in touch with the support number and provide the following details to them, the purchase date, number of the online order and personal details(name and email address)
    • When you will dial the toll-free number, an automated menu will start playing in the background. Proceed as suggested and find the missing Mcafee license key.
    • Note down the key number and save it in at least two or three different places.

    These were the two methods by which you can restore the missing Mcafee license key. If these do not help then dial the Mcafee Tech Support Number and talk to the techies for the same and issue their advice for the same.


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