How to fix AOL Mail Error 11

  • The “GAH! Error 11” on AOL Mail is pretty aptly named because it really does come as a surprise to many users. AOL Mail Error Code 11 is an indication that your email account is no longer active. However, before you think of pushing the panic button, it will probably help to understand why the error occurred in the first place and what you can do to resolve it. Your account will be deleted for one of three reasons; you specifically requested it, you did not sign in for a year, or your account was used in a way that violated the terms and conditions of AOL Mail. Ideally, you should be able to reactive your account by signing in or by contacting AOL customer care to check the account activity. You can also have a look at the basic troubleshooting steps mentioned below to try and fix AOL Mail Error Code 11.

    Steps to fix AOL Mail Error Code 11

    Internet browser issues or server problems. You can refer to AOL Mail Error 11:

    • Step 1: Update your AOL account.
    • Step 2: Check and repair the Windows registry entries for AOL.
    • Step 3: Download your device for your computer.
    • Step 4: Run your system for malware.
    • Step 5: Try and access your AOL Mail account using a different browser.
    • Step 6: Check your connection.
    • Step 7: Use your PC for errors.
    • Step 8: Pause or close downloads that may slow your internet speed.
    • Step 9: AOL Mail account.

    Once you go through all the steps mentioned above, you should be able to reactivate your account. However, you shouldn’t have to say that you’ve been logging in to AOL Mail. CAN use the You account recovery flow on the website of the the AOL Mail Address or the call the AOL to customer support number to The confirm the if your account WAS deactivated or deleted. AOL Mail experts can be about your account. AOL Mail account.

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