How to merge AOL mailboxes

  • AOL email is quite a sophisticated email service that provides a complete assurance of security and proper email ecosystem to maintain a quality user experience. It the most used email service with a gesture of complete satisfaction. AOL email presents a greater atmosphere of quality features that are such advanced that you need not to apply any hacks to enhance the performance. The most influential features that are quite a useful tool is to merge your mailbox.

    You may have been using multiple AOL account for different purposes such as a family account for the communication with family members, business account to easily communicate with your business assistance and some other groups that you have created to communicate with. Now it makes you communicate with them in an easy way it also makes it harder to access the emails all the time with a different account to check those emails. Now with the mailbox merge feature, you can enjoy a time-saving application that allows checking your emails at one place. To activate this feature you need some simple steps that this article is going to tell. Also, you can call at AOL customer care number for further assistance.

    Follow these steps to merge AOL mailbox:

    Step 1.

    You need to log in your AOL mail that is obviously the first requirement. By entering the correct username and password you can initiate the process.

    Step 2.

    Now, look at the top of your AOL mail where you can find “Settings” option. You need to click on this option and open the settings menu where you need to select the “Mail accounts” top go to the mail accounts settings.

    Step 3.

    In the mail accounts setting you to need to press the “ Add” button.

    Step 4.

    Now be careful this step is important. When you click the “Add” button a window will open which will ask for your alternate email. You have to fill out the complete information such as your alternate email address, your name, incoming and outgoing mail server addresses, and the username and password as well.

    Step 5.

    This is the final process Where you need to just click on “ Save” button and you will be done with the process to merge your AOL mailbox.

    Get the AOL email customer support:

    You can simply follow these process to get the job done but several times you fail to complete the process. If this also is happening with you, you should call at AOL customer support number and get the maximum support to solve your issue in an easy process.


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