Skills or invite me to gold wow classic

  • Some of these are fairly minor, like marginal increases in certain stats, while others unlock interesting new skills or invite me to gold wow classic play in bizarre ways. Bottled Enigma, for example, clouds your character in a fog which makes all attacks from enemies away from the fog miss. The trick is to kill the enemy before it begins regenerating.


    One of my favorites is an Anima Power that extends my Demon Hunter's Metamorphosis capability, which normally turns me into a strong demon for just half a minute. This Anima Power extends the timer whenever I kill a mouse. Normally I'd save Metamorphosis to get a fight due to its cooldown, but some rooms in Torghast are swimming in mice which I'd normally ignore. My ability that is powerful could last upwards of two minutes, letting me sweep flooring without breaking a sweat.


    Then I discovered a third Anima Power which altered the behaviour of the mice at Torghast so that they wouldn't run off when their health was reduced, which was a significant annoyance when I wasted precious Metamorphosis seconds pursuing them. In that Torghast run I went from being a Demon Hunter into the spirit of vengeance for hundreds of generations of elephants.


    That's not even close to the way Torghast assembles that are broken can get. Some WOW players managed to pile a lot of Anima Powers that improved their spell damage they were able to one-shot the last boss on a floor. Wowhead has a fun listing of other ways buy wow classic gold players have managed to craft completely overpowered characters.