Okay the wow classic gold sole reason im liberally

  • Okay the wow classic gold sole reason im liberally excited for classic is because it reminds me of being a small kid again about 5 or 4 watching my father play his druid and at times letting me perform with his hunter a lvl 19 orc twink named butch. I must parade about org displaying my new pet. (maybe not in classic but back when I was little) I was playing on my laptop maybe 8 or 7 because a shaman because my parents allow me to have my very own accounts with my own characters, I was a orc shaman named richchar about lvl 16 or 17 and'd paid someone to conduct me via ragefire chasm.


    And finally this 1 man who was my pally friend on my blood elf pally (early anger ) we found eachother in the starting zone and then booted and quested for a little. I had to get off but we added each other and became good friends, everyday I logged on and he was on constantly 5-6 lvls higher than when I had logged off thus finally he was around 52 and I was low thirties and that he spent his whole day leveling me up to meet him up.

    These are the experiences people will need to need to enjoy WoW Classic does not have to be classic wrath or BFA but light's hope northdale gold discussion is key and Blizzard is carrying it away by incorporating more and more click and do not talk.


    Social guilds are the only kind I join because you truly become intimate with people and make bonds that if you just click and group you will never get. Please if you read this long ass dumb ass paragraph concerning my thoughts go to play and make friends because thats what WoW Classic is about.