RuneScape members can experience the mobile RuneScape in advanc

  • In recent years, RuneScape has become popular again, the main reason is the release of Old School RuneScape and its mobile version. Many people may find it hard to imagine why an old online game more than a decade ago was so popular after it was re-released, but players who pursue nostalgia can understand this.

    In the years after the release of Old School RuneScape, the annual income of developer Jagex has continued to grow for 5 consecutive years, which gives them full confidence in the future of the RuneScape series. Recently, they planned to take some measures to further increase the number of RuneScape players. The developers of Jagex announced on the official website that now any Cheap OSRS Gold player using an Android phone can download the game for free in the Google Play store, and players can get the same game experience on the mobile version as they do on their computers. The mobile version for iOS devices has not yet been developed, so RuneScape players using Apple phones need to continue to wait.

    The developer stated that all functions of the RuneScape mobile version will be exactly the same as the PC client. In addition, in order to motivate players to participate in the preemptive experience, developer Jagex also distributed exclusive founder's pack for players in the mobile version of RuneScape, which includes a Steel Panther combat set, a unique rest animation, and the Radiant Dawn armour. It is worth noting that the developers The user interface in the game has been modified to make it easier for players to experience the game on touch screen devices. In other words, if you feel that playing games on the mobile phone screen looks too small, you can also use the Android tablet to experience it.

    Jagex brings more surprises to players than that. The developer stated that if you are playing RuneScape for the first time, the new tutorial will make it easier for you to learn about the game. In addition, players in the mobile version of RuneScape experience a new combat mechanism, which is customized by Jagex for mobile players. In addition, the visual effects of the game have been improved, and players can now enjoy clearer game graphics on the screen.

    It is worth noting that although any player using an Android phone can download the game client for free, if you want to participate in the preemptive experience event, you need to become a member of the RuneScape subscription first. Member prices are not high, players only need to spend 7 pounds or 11 dollars per month to become a member. If you choose to become an annual member, you can also enjoy certain discounts. However, since the mobile version of RuneScape may be closed someday in the future, it is not recommended to pay a one-year membership fee. In addition, GOLDRS also prepared surprises for players who are playing Old School RuneScape. Now, this professional third-party game service provider is holding an event. Anyone who buys OSRS Gold from GOLDRS can not only enjoy the lowest price and fast delivery, but also participate in the draw. Want to get more cheap RuneScape Gold? Welcome to GOLDRS!