World of Warcraft Classic banned a large number of robot accoun

  • Recently, players in World of Warcraft have reported to the game community that they have encountered a problem that seriously affects the game experience, that is, a large number of resources necessary for life and some rare monsters are being monopolized by robot accounts. There are many different resources in the game, and as most players have reached level 60, those high-level resources have become scarce. Some illegal groups began to monopolize these precious resources through robot accounts to sell them at high prices, which caused other players on the server to suffer. Not only that, they even invested in WOW Classic Gold For Sale to affect the economic system in the game, causing inflation. The result of this is that the WOW Classic Gold in the hands of players will depreciate every day, and players will have to spend more money on the same items.

    In the past few months, players have often seen robot accounts wandering in high-level areas. They can accurately distinguish different monsters and choose the most valuable main targets. These groups operate characters by running illegal scripts, thereby killing those rare monsters and obtaining the most valuable loot. The black lotus is currently the most sought-after item, and many high-level battles require the consumption of potions made of black lotus. Blizzard accepted the player's suggestions and banned these robot accounts. In total, about 74,000 World of Warcraft Classic accounts were hit in this operation.

    World of Warcraft Classic may be a punishing game purposely, a harkening-back to the first days of World of Warcraft. It boasts little of the expediency that defines modern massively multiplayer online role-playing games; everything is an intentionally slow grind. to get a Black Lotus, players had to spot the particular spots where they spawn and camp there for between 45 and 75 minutes, waiting and heading off any competitors. For the last several months, when human-run characters attempted to muscle their way into the combination, coordinated groups of bots threatened them or closed ranks round the flower. So in late May, Loknar—who plays a healing priest in WoW Classic but still tries to kill bots whenever he sees them—decided to carry an anti-bot protest within the in-game city of Orgrimmar.

    "There were over 50 people doing a line walk and yelling," says Loknar. He was trying to draw attention to the problem, asking passersby to not buy the Black Lotuses that bots placed on the business firm at an inflated 300 gold. (The normal price on most servers, he says, is about half that.) Loknar made a racket, but the mafia knew a way to shut him up. The bots mass-reported him to publisher Blizzard for "abusive chat." Blizzard muted Loknar’s account, and people of other protest participants, for twenty-four hours. within the meantime, the bots got their Black Lotuses to the auction houses, where they maintained their monopoly.

    Google is a very useful tool, it can always provide people with results that meet the requirements, regardless of whether their purpose is good or bad. As long as a player needs it, he can always search dozens of different scripts or codes on Google. These illegal tools can automatically operate the characters in World of Warcraft Classic to complete specific actions. Many players choose to use scripts to level up or automatically kill monsters and collect loot to earn World of Warcraft Classic Gold when working or sleeping. But it is worth noting that most of these scripts contain Trojan horse programs, they can directly steal all the resources you get in the game. For the security of your World of Warcraft Classic account, please stay away from illegal scripts and robot programs. If you read this article and want to enjoy the best WOW Classic, then I have a good news for you. The best game currency store MMOWTS is holding an event, they sell the safe and fast WOW Classic at the lowest price. If you register as a member at MMOWTS, you can also enjoy more member discounts! Want to buy Classic WOW Gold? Please visit