Jagex decides to shut down Bounty Hunter worlds in OSRS to avoi

  • Not long ago, the game developer Jagex from the UK decided to temporarily close the Bounty Hunter worlds in Old School RuneScape in order to restrict the gold farmers in the game. At this time we have no way of knowing when the minigame will start again, but we can look forward to some more interesting things - according to the news released by Jagex on the official website of RuneScape, the developers are modifying the current PvP mechanism to enable it adapt to the needs of different players.

    Jagex said in a statement posted on the official website that this is the best opportunity to make changes. Developers will not only target Bounty Hunter, but will also thoroughly improve the entire PvP mechanism. Whether for the game itself or the player, PvP gameplay is the core part of the game. In order for Old School RuneScape to have a better future, PvP also needs to become better. The goal of the Cheap OSRS Gold developers is to set a clear direction for the long-term development of PvP, rather than making some simple modifications to it every time the version is updated, which requires them to design the game content more rationally.

    PvP's transformation plan may last for several months, during which developers will interact with players in the game community to adopt the most reasonable ideas and make them a reality. In addition, they are working on a method to continuously monitor Bounty Hunter and take timely actions to resolve anomalies. If this plan is successful, it will not be far from Bounty Hunter worlds restart. Some players have reported that the closure of Bounty Hunter worlds will prevent them from receiving unique item rewards. The developers said that during the closure period, players can purchase these unique items directly in stores elsewhere.

    Some players learned from the update announcement on the official website of RuneScape that Bounty Hunter worlds were closed. In the statement, Jagex regretted the temporary shutdown of Bounty Hunter worlds and claimed that the game will be restored to normal as soon as possible. The main reason for turning off this mode is that there are some unobvious loopholes in its own rules and technology, and gold farmers have discovered these problems and used them to produce OSRS Gold that far exceeds the normal level.

    Jagex said that although RuneScape Gold produced by gold farmers using this method has not caused serious damage to the economic system in the game, other relevant content in the game and the overall integrity of the game have been affected. Simply turning it off will not completely solve the problem, but from the current point of view this is the best option. In order to completely remedy this problem, developers are considering the best measures based on the game technology and the rules themselves. If you are one of the Old School RuneScape players and are concerned that buying illegal RS Gold will damage your account, then I suggest you choose the safest game currency store, GOLDRS.com. This is a professional third-party game service website designed to provide professional services for RuneScape players. The RuneScape Gold they sell is completely obtained manually and is legal. If you have other problems, their professional team and 24-hour online customer service will also solve it for you. Welcome to visit GOLDRS and buy the cheapest RS Gold.