The microtransaction system almost completely destroyed RuneSca

  • Recently RuneScape has once again triggered heated discussions between players and the general population, but this time because of a bad news. An investigation report issued by the British Parliament pointed out that the infamous micro-transaction system in RuneScape caused some players to spend a lot of money and even brought the entire family's economy on the verge of collapse. According to the introduction, this RuneScape player spent a total of more than $61,000 in the game over the years, far exceeding the limit his family can afford.

    If you have ever seen the Lord of the Rings directed by Peter Jackson, you may remember one of the important characters, Elrond. He has a line in the movie that can be quoted: "I was there Gandalf, I was there 3000 years ago when the strength of men failed". As he said, when Jagex, the developer of RuneScape, first introduced the microtransaction system to the game, I was there. I witnessed the changes that microtransactions brought to the game.

    When Jagex released news about the upcoming micro-transaction system in RuneScape, I immediately went to the gaming community to Buy OSRS Gold observe the players' views on this matter. I must admit that in a game that lasted more than 10 years, I have never seen users in the community as angry and worried as they were. Obviously, from the beginning, they saw how the micro-transaction system would endanger the game. The developer Jagex is obviously more concerned about the rapid growth of revenue in the short term, and the future of this game is not within their consideration.

    The result is obvious. Microtransactions plus a completely modified combat system directly led to the demise of RuneScape 2. This is why Jagex chose to redeploy the server for RuneScape's 2007 version, because doing so can effectively save some players. This is what we call Old School RuneScape today.

    In fact, microtransactions did not initially cause major changes in the game, because players can not spend real money to quickly obtain a large number of useful items from Sequel of Fortune. However, the developers later modified Sequel of Fortune to make it a slot machine in the game. Players can earn exponentially improved rewards in the game including experience boosters, gears and cloak, by spending money. This situation has caused a huge change in players' perception of the game, and many players have posted messages in the community expressing their anger and complaints. In the initial game, it takes time for players to complete each goal. Now, players who use microtransactions can skip this time by spending money, which gives them a huge advantage.

    And after many years, the main reason for this system to Buy RuneScape Gold reignite people's discussion is attributed to an investigation report issued by the British Parliament. The report pointed out that an adult male spent more than £50,000 (approximately US$61,000) in RuneScape's micro-transaction system, which caused major economic damage to the entire family. But with the help of GOLDRS, this situation will be completely improved. Because GOLDRS is a game currency store with many years of experience, it sells the cheapest OSRS Gold on the market every day. Their goal is to help players spend less money to enjoy the game. At GOLDRS, you can buy the cheapest RuneScape Gold, then trade with other players in the game and get any items you need.