If you feel bored at home, you can try RuneScape

  • As COVID-19's influence in the world becomes wider and wider, more people have to stay at home to achieve self-isolation. There is no doubt that life is always the most important. The quarantine ban not only has an impact on industrial production, but it may also make people feel lost. We all know that most people like to travel in their spare time or go for a walk in the park, which can help them relax.

    Since most businesses stop running, many people are not working, which leaves them a lot of free time. But because they can only stay at home, people have to find some ways to kill time, and games are one of the best choices. With these more and more, we can obviously feel that games are becoming more popular, and many people who do not play games will also find some games they are interested in because of boredom. Mobile games are clearly popular, because almost everyone has a mobile phone, which is the most convenient platform for playing games. At the same time, some players choose old games that have been running for many years, because they finally have enough time to pursue their memories, and nostalgia is always fascinating.

    RuneScape is undoubtedly one of the oldest MMORPGs, its release time is even earlier than Blizzard's World of Warcraft, and its developer Jagex is quickly familiar to players because of this game. The main scene of RuneScape is the fantasy world, where there are many kingdoms and some different OSRS Gold regions and cities. Strictly speaking, this game does not have a linear main story, so players can freely take risks in this open world according to their own wishes. They can kill monsters through battle, exchange loot with other players, and can also master crafting skills to produce Various useful items. The game is so interesting that more and more new players join the world of Gelinor every day.

    Before officially starting the game, players need to create a character. You can adjust your avatar in the game according to your appearance. Players can modify hair style, skin color and facial features at any time when creating characters. Although the visual effects of this game cannot be compared with works such as FF XIV, it is enough for each player to create his own unique adventurer.

    It is worth noting that the skill system in the game is different from most MMORPGs on the market. Players do not increase skill levels by allocating skill points, but need to constantly use skills to improve proficiency and upgrade, also known as skill training. For example, if you want to improve the level of mining skills, you need to spend a lot of time in the quarry to Buy RuneScape Gold continuously receive ore. The higher your mining skill level, the more raw materials you can get while mining.

    The universal currency in the game is RuneScape Gold, and almost all transactions in the game require the use of RS Gold, either between players or between players and NPCs. In addition, there are some other types of currencies in the game, but the scope of use is very narrow. There are many ways to get OSRS Gold in the game, and the fastest way is to buy RuneScape Gold in a third-party online store. The store I recommend to you is GOLDRS, a RuneScape Gold supplier with many years of experience. They are currently holding an event. You can use the order number to draw a lottery every time you place an order. If you are interested, you can give it a try.