Blizzard delayed the World of Warcraft live broadcast originall

  • Blizzard Studios recently posted an update on Twitter, stating that it will postpone the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands online conference scheduled for June 9th. The main reason is that they think players now have more important things to do, and there are many more important news that are more worthy of attention than the Shadowlands' reveal event, such as the Black Lives Matter protest. At the same time, they also expressed that they will be more fully prepared during this time, so as to share more details about the expansion of Shadowlands to players in the future.

    Players first learned about the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft was at BlizzCon in November last year, and the WOW Classic Gold company officially named the expansion Shadowlands. At the press conference, Blizzard played a short video with a classic Blizzard style. In the video, Sylvanus fought with the second Lich King, she tore the Lich King's helmet with her bare hands and even broke the entire sky. Surprisingly, this move by Sylvanus created a brand-new passageway allowing residents of Azeroth to travel to the afterlife and begin a brand new adventure in that place called Shadowlands. This is the starting point of the new story of World of Warcraft.

    Right now there is no confirmation on when the rescheduled stream might act but the choice follows other companies, like EA and Sony, that have similarly postponed status online events.

    Activision Blizzard has also now officially cancelled this year's BlizzCon live event, citing "health and safety considerations" regarding the continued coronavirus pandemic. BlizzCon executive producer Saralyn Smith had initially highlighted the uncertainties surrounding this year's show and warned that Blizzard was "considering a spread of scenarios and possibilities", but has now confirmed that Blizzard had taken the "very difficult decision" to cancel this year's BlizzCon.

    In related news, a brand new indie game bundle raising money to supply funding to Black Lives Matter has already raised over $75,000 USD (£59,000), since it went survive some days back.

    According to the introduction, until June 17, players can purchase The Black Lives Matter Support Bundle to express their support for the Black Lives Matter protest. You can get 20 games from independent developers after purchasing the product, and Blizzard will donate all the sales revenue to BLM to provide financial support. You can see the slogan of these independent developers on the product page - "standing together to oppose police brutality and white supremacy". The cause of BLM was the brutal murder of a black man named George Floyd by white policemen. This incident once again triggered people's thinking and opposition to racism across the United States and even the world. At present, the BLM protests have lasted for a week, affecting many countries. If you are currently playing World of Warcraft or World of Warcraft Classic, then you should go to MMOWTS to see their products. MMOWTS provides the cheapest WOW Classic Gold For Sale for all World of Warcraft players, and they have 7/24 online customer service to solve your questions related to WOW Classic Gold. Want to spend less money on WOW Classic Gold? Please visit the official website of MMOWTS.