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  • World of Warcraft is one of the oldest MMORPGs launched by Blizzard Entertainment. In more than 15 years of history, game designers and developers have gradually built a vast and deep universe and backstory for this game. Of course, the capacity of the game is limited, and the World of Warcraft game itself does not include all the stories that happened in the World of Warcraft universe.

    In fact, if you usually have access to news and information related to Blizzard, you will find that they have published a lot of novels, short stories, comics and even derivative games (such as Hearthstone) about World of Warcraft. Add content not covered in World of Warcraft. Recently, a well-known author named Madeleine Roux wrote a short story for World of Warcraft and quickly attracted a large number of readers who are interested in the background story of World of Warcraft. These fans have regarded this work as one of the best stories since the WOW Classic Gold For Sale expansion of the Battle for Azeroth. Overall, this is a wonderful love story.

    "A Moment in Verse" stars two elven side characters within the World of Warcraft universe: First Arcanist Thalyssra and Regent-Lord Lor'themar Theron. We met Thalyssra back in 2016 within the Legion expansion; she leads the Nightborne, an elven faction who became an Allied Race for the Horde with Battle for Azeroth. Lor'themar has been around in-game for 13 years because the leader of the Blood Elves in Silvermoon City. Both of them are fan favorites, while Lor'themar has mostly enjoyed time within the background and played a supporting role.

    Unlike most of the side stories that are released alongside World of Warcraft, there's no action or daring chases. Instead, Lor'themar includes a big crush on Thalyrssa, and when she invites him over, his friends force him to urge out of the house and go see the lovable girl he likes. He heads over to Suramar, and also the two of them have a poetry reading. That's basically all that happens, and it's awesome.

    In fact, there is no shortage of stories in the expansion of the Battle for Azeroth, but their theme is usually fighting and death. Most World of Warcraft players do have a high level of enthusiasm for combat, which is why they chose to return to the game after the expansion was released. But when stories such as genocide of evil chiefs and fierce battles between rivals occur repeatedly, players will experience aesthetic fatigue, which is the main reason why "A Moment in Verse" is popular. Compared with those main stories, the plot of "A Moment in Verse" is somewhat simple, but it is very consistent with the character's behavioral motivation. It is very interesting to watch these two wholesome characters reading poetry and discussing emotional issues.

    Not only that, there are many World of Warcraft players who can draw pictures to create illustrations for the story, just like what happened in the story - the tall lady and the short king embraced and kissed, this scene looks very romantic and makes these two Fans of this character are satisfied, and they are very happy to see that these two characters are getting people's attention because of the story. What's even more striking is that the story implies something about the upcoming expansion of Shadowlands through the dialogue between Thalyssra and Lor'themar. World of Warcraft Classic is as popular as the retail version of World of Warcraft, because you can find good memories of the past in the game. Of course, enough WOW Classic Gold is very useful for players, because you can use WOW Classic Gold to buy anything you need at the auction house or at the merchant. MMOWTS has many years of experience in game currency sales and is committed to providing players with the best service. If you want to buy cheap and safe Cheap WOW Classic Gold, please visit the official website of MMOWTS and enter the World of Warcraft Classic page.