RuneScape's user growth trend is becoming more obvious

  • Just like the rapid popularity of World of Warcraft after it was released in late August last year, as one of the earliest MMORPGs released, RuneScape has maintained continuous development over the years and continues to attract more and more new users through various channels. According to the data released by Jagex on the official website of the development, the RuneScape series reached a milestone last year, and its paid users successfully exceeded the historical record of 1 million. And the development team is preparing to continue to Buy OSRS Gold set new milestones, because RuneScape's future performance is more worth looking forward to, and as time goes by, more and more classic old MMORPG is dying.

    In fact, RuneScape suffered a setback in 2018 because the original RuneScape Classic server officially went offline at the time. Many people think that this event heralds the RuneScape series is coming to an end. However, what happened later broke these exaggerated reports. As the development team continued to improve the game and add new content, this free game attracted more and more users, and some of them became paid members. After the release of the mobile version of Old School RuneScape, more players joined the game and helped the game become the best mobile game of the year.

    Jagex CEO Phil Mansell says that 2019 was "record-breaking" in terms of RuneScape subscribers, in line with GOLDRS. "We hit exciting milestones, welcomed more members and players to the games than at any point in their 19-year history [and] achieved significant success on mobile," he says, predicting that 2020 are going to be the "most successful year up to now." Mobile numbers certainly are impressive. RuneScape reached eight million installs since Jagex launched old fashioned Runescape on mobile devices in 2018. With both the PC and mobile versions' user counts combined, RuneScape hit new records in daily active users in 2019.

    On top of success in terms of raw player count, the amount of paid subscribers is soaring. Jagex says that RuneScape reached a record high of 1.1 million subscribers between both versions of the sport. For reference, World of Warcraft has about 1.7 million subscribers in line with estimates (Blizzard stopped providing data on current subscribers in 2015). Ultima Online, which released in 1997 and became the primary MMORPG to succeed in 100,000 subscribers, was approaching its final moments. Other MMORPGs that released within the same general timeframe as RuneScape, like EverQuest and also the 4th Coming, still exist. But none have managed to take care of the extent of recognition enjoyed by Jagex's seemingly undying franchise.

    Although we still don't know how long the trend of the RuneScape series can last, at least in a short time, its popularity will not show signs of ending. Although the technology is constantly improving, and there will be more new games that can compete with it in the future, the growth and adaptability of RuneScape will make the game continue to progress. Those who have only recently been involved in the field of video games may not understand how such a game that looks very backward is popular, but the rapid popularity of World of Warcraft Classic may explain this problem-some classic old games often have some modern games Lack of substance, and these substances are exactly what players need most. Jagex co-founder Mansell made a prediction. He believes that 2020 will be the most successful year for RuneScape, and we can look forward to it. GOLDRS is also constantly attracting more and more Old School RuneScape players because they can Buy RS Gold safe enough there. The professional team of GOLDRS ensures that the RS Gold you purchased is delivered to you as soon as possible, and their online customer service will answer any questions about your order.