Animal Crossing tries to provide players with a better gaming e

  • If you recently updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, you may be surprised because the game has not changed much after the update. But this is the fact. The main purpose of this update is to Buy Bells Animal Crossing solve some problems in the game that affect the game experience, so that players can get more happiness during the game.

    At present, the update patch has been officially released, players can choose to update automatically or manually, but in general, the game's basic content has not produced any major changes. Nintendo gave an explanation in the blog posted on the official website. The 1.2.1 update patch is mainly used to solve some small glitches in the game in order to provide players with a more pleasant game environment. Although we can't know from the article which problems the patch is specifically modified for, there have been players who have feedback in the game community that the problem of duplicate items has been resolved, which is very good news for many players.

    You'll need to put in the most recent update to continue playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons online. If the update isn't installed automatically, you'll do so manually by highlighting the game's icon on the Switch dashboard, pressing the Plus button, then selecting Software Update.

    New Horizons is within the midst of its Stamp Rally event to celebrate International Museum Day. The event runs through May 31 and has you collecting stamps from different stations that are hidden round the museum's fish, fossil, and bug exhibits.

    After the Stamp Rally event ends, Wedding Season will begin. Throughout the month of June, you will be able to meet Reese and Cyrus at Harv's Island and help them take anniversary photos to earn some "wedding-themed" rewards.

    Nintendo detailed the information related to Wedding Season event in the press conference. According to the staff's official description of the incident, players will not be able to participate in this event using ordinary studio equipment. In order to take wedding-themed photos, players need to go to Harv's Island after June 1 and accept invitations from Reese and Cryus.

    From the news that has been released so far, players will not be able to take wedding photos for other couples during the Wedding Season event, which means that Reese and Cryus will be the only participants in the event. But things may change in the future, because compared to past short-term events, the duration of the Wedding Season event is very long. After the event officially started, we may be able to expect some more interesting good news. If you do not want to miss these news, please pay attention to the official website of Not only can you get more news about Animal Crossing there, you can also buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells and Nook Miles Tickets at