Rise of Azshara: Queen Azshara and her eternal palace

  • The latest expansion of World of Warcraft: Rise of Azshara has been released for some time. Recently, Blizzard's design team introduced the design concepts of these objects in an interview. Keep reading this article and you will know the information you need most! If you keep paying attention to the official website of ZZWOW, you can get more surprises! At ZZWOW you can not only buy Vanilla WOW Gold at the lowest price, but you also get the most professional WOW Classic Boosting service!

    The final form of Queen Azshara
    What Azshara saw in the battle of Azeroth was her night elf form, also known as the placeholder model. In Warbringers: Azshara, we saw her final form.

    The designer said that her appearance is beautiful and elegant, but at the same time accompanied by the danger of being irresistible, because she is strong. She mutated, transformed and transformed her past self.

    This unique shape poses a very big challenge for the production team, such as her five eyes - should they blink at the same time or take turns? Azshara's final shape is derived from the perfect elf in N'Zoth's imagination. She is the creature at the top, and her influence spans the entire Nazjatar.

    Blizzard's assistant art director Ely Cannon said: "She has always lived as a cockroach, and now her nasty monster-like shape reflects its heart. Obviously, she is a very bad person."

    Azshara's Eternal Palace raid
    Cannon also shared some interesting details about the latest raid. Azshara’s Eternal Palace, like the rest of Nazjatar, has a distinct night elf style. With this in mind, the production team hopes to add the concept of "wings" to the raid, and each wing has a unique theme.

    The hatchery fully demonstrates the alien invasion nature of the Naga, and players can observe how they breed and raise their cubs. Suddenly, the parliamentary hall gives the adventurers a solemn and sacred feeling. This space is full of power and prestige. These designs are balanced with the core concepts of the underwater raid that the team wants to emphasize. Here, you will always feel the oppression of the enemy, although it looks like a very gorgeous palace.

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