How to Set Up a FIOS Network with a Verizon DIY Self Install Ki

  • If you wish to setup FIOS Network with Verizon, then you can easily get this process done by undertaking some simple steps. FIOS is combined access to the internet, telephone, and television service. This service operates using a fiber-optic communication network which has over millions of users. FIOS is the acronym for Fiber Optic Service. The users can learn more about this service by connecting with Verizon technical support number. The users would get a complete understanding of the facilities that they would receive while using this service. The users also have the option of setting up FIOS using DIY self-install kit. By going through this blog, the users would understand how to use this self-install kit efficiently.

    The process of setting up FIOS Network using DIY self-install kit

    The steps that the users would have to follow in order to setup FIOS is as given below:

    The users would have to find the ideal place where they can place their Verizon Router

    • The users should locate where Verizon installed the ONT (Optical Network Terminal).
    • This would generally be located outside the houses or inside the closet in most apartments.
    • Further, find a coax wall outlet closest to the ONT.

    Setup your router

    • With the help of the coax cable, you would have to connect the router to the coax wall outlet that you had located in the first step. If you are installing a television in the same location, use the provided coax splitter to connect both the devices.
    • Now connect the power cable provided, into the router.

    Analyze the connectivity of the router

    • Most often Verizon sends routers which are already configured to connect to their services.
    • The users would have to look at the indicator lights and ensure that the power light is solid green.
    • Then make sure that the Coax WAN light turns solid green.
    • If the lights do not stay a solid green, move the router to a different coax wall outlet.

    Connect a Set Top Box

    • The users should locate a coax wall outlet near the area where you have your TV.
    • Now using the provided coax cable, connect one end of the coax wall outlet and the other end into the back of the set-top box.
    • Further, plug the set-top box into a power outlet using the provided power cable.
    • Now connect the set top box to the TV using a composite video cable or HDMI cable.
    • Set the TV’s display input settings accordingly.
    • Once the activation is complete, the Verizon TV guide would be visible on your television.

    If the users come across any issue while undertaking the steps given above, then they can promptly connect with Verizon customer service number and seek professional guidance. This service is readily available throughout the day and is free of cost.

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