Recover Hacked Verizon Email Account

  • The Internet has a lot to offer to it users and keep it quite engaging for a user but in some cases, due to some malicious activities you may get stuck into some critical situation and email account hacking is such an issue. If talk about Verizon email so it is known for its tightened security that provides complete assurance of secured email service. Despite that, you may get such a situation when you feel that you have been hacked. In this situation, you need to call at  Verizon Technical Support    for prominent support and complete guidance. But before you do anything look at some of the points mentioned below to make it confirmed that you have actually been hacked.


    Some symptoms to know you have been hacked:

    Verizon email hacking is not common and happens in some rare cases. Now if you see some irregularities and inappropriate actions in your email your account may have been hacked. But you need to be sure to take any action to recover your account. Now check these symptoms to make it clear that your account has been hacked.

    • People start getting spams from your email account
    • You stop receiving any email
    • You may start receiving a lot of mailer daemon messages for such emails that you never have sent
    • You start getting strange emails from strange email addresses
    • You may be getting emails about bonanza or winning prizes etc.

    How to recover your hacked Verizon hacked account:

    Now you have learned about the symptoms and after make it confirm that your email account behaving in the same manner as hacked email account perform. Then you can initiate the process of recovering your account through some easy steps.

    1. 1.     Change your email password:

    You can reduce the risk of the further compromising situation by changing your password. So you have to make all the computers or devices that you are using verify your account. Then you have to change your password again and choose a strong one using the symbols and number in your password.

    1. 2.     Update your account security question:

    The security questions work as the gateway for your email account that prevents any malicious activities in your account. Now you have to update your security question and make it hard enough to guess.

    1. 3.     Make your computer secured:

    Once you get hacked your computer also become vulnerable due to some malware and virus get into your system. Now you have to secure your computer by performing a complete scan using the installed antivirus software installed in your computer.

    1. 4.     Update the settings of your email account:

    Now you need to go to the settings of your email account and check these points mentioned below to make it updated:

    • Review your Email signature and remove any unknown content
    • Go to your listed email accounts and select the “Edit” option to get the details of listed accounts where you can check for any unknown entry and remove it.
    • Find the “Vacation Response” option and disable it.
    • You need to check blocked address and remove any unexpected blocked email address from the list.
    • At last, make a quick review of your saved contacts and find nay strange entry and remove it.

    Now you have learned some quality information to make your account recovered and protected from further hacking activities. Once you get hacked your important data and files put on risk so you are required to take quick actions. In case you have any question or another issue you can contact at  Verizon Customer Service Number    where you will be getting prominent support and complete guidance.


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