How to Configure a Verizon SMTP in Outlook


    Verizon is a popular webmail service used by many people around the world. It makes it possible for users to use email applications, such as Outlook, to improve connectivity. You can send your account account to Outlook. Users should be able to enter your Internet Mail Access Protocol (SMTP) and your Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). You need a If more detailed guide you can also call the Verizon Customer Support     and ask for additional help.

    Step to configure your Verizon email account in Outlook

    If you are unable to follow your account, you can follow the steps below:

    • Step 1: Connect to the internet.
    • Step 2: Go to the file “File” tab click the option to “Add Account”
    • Step 3: select server option settings
    • Step 4: “Additional server types”
    • Step 5: Type in your Verizon email ID.
    • Step 6: Go to the incoming mail server, or IMAP, field and type “”
    • Step 7: Similarly enter “” in the filed labelled Outgoing Mail Server, or (SMTP)
    • Step 8: For authentication purposes;
    • Step 9: Navigate to the “More Settings” section and select the tab that reads "Outgoing Servers".
    • Step 10: “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
    • Step 11: Click "Advanced" tab below.
    • Step 12: Port settings: Incoming Server (POP3): IMAP-993-SSL
    • Step 13: Port settings: Outgoing Server (SMTP): SMTP-465-SSL
    • Step 14: Carefully review all the information you’ve received, especially click the Finish button to confirm the changes.

    You the get stuck the if in the any of the above mentioned steps the CAN you call the the Verizon Tech Support Number     and the consult by expert in an order to the complete the configuration process. If you need to be a technician, you can always be a technician. If you need it, you will be able to access it.

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