On the trail of this Vulbis Dofus Kamas

  • On the trail of this Vulbis Dofus Kamas, you were leading your guild in a ferocious battle against dark forces. Every time a white Wabbit captured your attention. In fact, he was wearing a vest! But the strangest thing was that he appeared distressed. He pulled a compass out of his pocket, pointed it in a bush, and then vanished to the thicket.You poked your head between the leaves. There was a burrow, although there were no Wabbits. You thought you lost the creature's trail when the unthinkable occurred: You dropped hopelessly down the hole. You never thought you could fit within such a hollow! Your boots were soon all that has been hanging from the burrow. After one last frenzy of hindered movement, you vanished entirely.

    And there you're sitting in a dining table, in a garden, in great business, seeing a game of chess! On your left was pouring a smoking amber liquid into a wooden pot. His face was filled by his ceaseless smile, so that he gave the impression that his eyes were closed behind his glasses. It had been Magus Ax. In your right, the adventurer with long and a light complexion, his body draped in black's remainder, dark hair, bare chested, was about to make his second move.

    "Proceed, my friend, go on." Draconiros responded in a tenebrous voice. The old man poured Draconiros some tea and put the pot on the other side. "You wanted to tell me something, my dear Magus Ax?" "Really" The dark guy moved his bishop straight from one square. On his mount, a figurine of Dark Vlad replaced the chess piece of Draconiros in the blink of an eye. The chessboard squares faded into a pastoral landscape. There were no bits, but instead figurines of personalities of the Krosmoz! You thought you have to buy Kamas Dofus Retro be imagining it. "I frequently have this odd, vivid dream." The Magus started saying.