Because RS gold game was massively stagnating

  • Because RS gold game was massively stagnating and we'd have no of the pvm experiences that exist without it. Runescape might be less popular than older school, but it is a much better match because of EoC, and it goes to zero with no.

    I wish to run an idea since your seem like someone who enjoys eoc. (In my view eoc feels like ability spam( particularly pre revo). Starting from pre eoc, what if instead of making it skill spam there was a smaller number of abilities and they acted as steroids to your next attack, maintaining attack speed (likely make defensive instant but delay your attack like eating). I am not sure what was needed for all those bosses although I'm thinking maybe keep thresholds, and adrenaline although not most of the abilities.

    This could let the usefulness and damage abilities are added by them Runescape players will need for bossing, but might keep more of the classic rs feel while being less disruptive to the area. Genuinely wish to know whether you can see problems with that, I play RS3 but I don't do high level so I'm essentially asking for a check if you understand or do the directors that want eoc bossing.

    The combat system that is whole. Most bosses strike a 4 game tick speed (2.4 seconds) making the entire thing feel "turn based" than pre eoc. I think calling it"spam" attempts to buy OSRS gold imply it feels just like pressing all the buttons all the time and abilities just fire as quickly as you can push buttons if they're off cooldown, which is simply not the case.