When we took a survey of meseta pso2 gamers on reddit

  • When we took a survey of meseta pso2 gamers on reddit, I'd wager most have no idea what PSO2 is. WoW may not be the powerhouse it was years ago, but just having it on the front page of Twitch every day, would give it fame among those who have never and won't ever play it. Like you mentioned, PSO2 never arrived. Reddit is mostly english-based and hefty on NA. OP is somewhat missing, I think.As that I mentioned above, I don't think PSO2 appears bad. Much to the contrary, the character style system and a number of its own outfits of it really do hold up.

    Nevertheless, it is kind of DQX. There is a set of hardcore fans that would absolutely leap at the chance to play with it in the west, however several others that just feel scorned by SE by never bringing it over in the first location. It's worse for PSO2 because Sega made many promises and had a website for the English version, and we've been strung along with empty promises for this long.You shouldn't care what this sub believes. PSO2 is a game that has only become better over time. I am sure there'll be problems with licensing, censorship, and translations but Phantasy Star Online 2 is still excellent and worth playingwith.

    The drawback is the cash store. The upside of this version is the lack of p2w, and spent and more serious tone of the in-game products. We get the b2p using a promise for no p2w, then they wait till they've sold all they would hammer out a money shop. Any company that does this once should be spurned forever- I am kinda at the stage where we should really demand a preexisting track record of really doing this by any company before anyone thinks them does anything except them.

    The server of PSO2 is 100% the game the way. The same can't be said for personal vanilla WoW servers, so they are close in several ways but considerably off in several others.I played around the japanese sever fine without an english patch for a little while, thing is it is still an official server.Japanese servers are official and come with the main reassurance it is possible to get cheap PSO2 Meseta from an MMORPG, understanding that your character will be there the next day. Pservers are unofficial and fail all of the time if it be Daddy Blizzard stepping in or staff corruption.