Wakfu 2019's update came into Dofus Kamas

  • Wakfu 2019's update came into Dofus Kamas play on Tuesday December 10 and provides players to rediscover the Sadida Kingdom, which has profited from a facelift that was deep. This is a chance for this play space to take up the features and visual freshness of the location that could be seen in the animated series. Fans of the animated series can be delighted, because MMORPG Wakfu's Sadida Kingdom takes on colours. This emblematic area of this series is totally readapted in match on event of this Wakfu year-end update.

    This play area already existed over the title of Ankama and benefits from clear changes to make it more interesting and lush. Among the changes, Sadida Village, here are various visuals that will allow you to compare the animated series to the match. But fresh sport zones will also be coming and allow players to locate new creatures, new resources and, of course, new dungeons! Once more, these areas retranscribe what can be seen in the animated series.

    The Araknes take place in the Canvas Hill and are altered for the event: new mechanics, attributes, and layout. Such as the Araknes, the Mulous were currently present in the past but will also be altered to better correspond to present standards and better incorporate into the new environments created. They take place from the Clairière des Mulous. A brand new family of monsters anticipate players at the Deforested Forest. That the Gerbouilles are from the Galeries des Gerbouilles Region. The various NPCs of those Sadida Kingdom are waiting for you to provide you many quests. Travel through famous preferences and match your favorite scenes along with your friends!

    On this occasion, a naughty charismatic will come and throw a chill within this idyllic setting: the Count Harebourg, character out of the game Dofus and already antagonistic of this Brotherhood of Tofu at the special episodes of this WAKFU series. Tough to say which mad idea might have germinated in his frosty head, it will be around the players to buy Kamas Dofus Retro solve this riddle. But it's very likely that this is directly associated with this Eliocalypse: the storyline arc started at the start of the year.