Please, you owe it to Dofus Kamas

  • Please, you owe it to Dofus Kamas, let us know about your plans for the sport. Who knows, perhaps you will even found any support among the player base! Like: you need a little extra money to hire people to help move the game to something? Then do some fancy snob dandy makeup traces, or w.e., and say they're for helping you guys get the game better, move it into something different than Flash. Looking forward to hear, hopefully soon, some reply on this, which is a major concern for many many gamers atm.

    Last week we introduced our plans for DOFUS Retro and held a questionnaire to choose the title of the new server. Find out which title won and info about the DOFUS Retro version! We've booked a welcome present for you if you come and play Nabur! Yes, that's the name you chose for the newest DOFUS Retro server. And if you're planning on enjoying with DOFUS Retro, swing at this pageto maintain your gift: a Gobtubby and its Hippi-Ho. For the occasion, we're also going to add 10 packs composed of a pet as well as its Hippi-Ho to the boutique. The boutique will soon be available from the server day.

    Many of you have asked celebrity generation. We won't be able to do it, alas. But because the server will be available in-house for our requirements, that will create natural star growth that we aren't likely to delete. Finally, if you are playing Eratz or Henual, then you'll have to verify how many characters you've since, as a reminder, then the amount of characters on all buy Kamas Dofus Retro servers is limited to 5 in all, even if you've bought personality slots around DOFUS 2.x. Why so much focus on dofus 1.29 and not"fresh" dofus, your launch cadence for new stuff is slower than f2p games. If its stuff its own for the temporis server which not everyone plays.