However, there remains just one index pointing to Dofus Kamas

  • However, there remains just one index pointing to Dofus Kamas a recurrence of the system. These are some Unicode symbols (aka: letters along with also a smiley), but mostly enough to place this recurrence in the"What's planned" section. Get ready for a dungeon, 2.51 or later in the year! When there's nothing in 2.48 and 2.49, then it's 2.51! The last expansion at stake has been Martegel, and that goes back to last June! A new area seems inevitable, if you don't rework an older? Really, level redesign, we'd last year in the same time that of Astrub. As time passes, the list of tasks to be done has shrunk considerably and most rumors cite a remake of Pandala. The island hasn't been seen again, has interrupted quests and unsolved mysteries.

    This part comes up frequently in our posts theorizing about the upcoming updates, and for good reason. This is a stage that comes up from the development group and in the discussions of Dofus gamers on Twitter or the discussion. After lowering the XP curve (The passing from level 199 to 200 requires 50% less experience), Lichen had voiced the will of the GD to switch the intelligence heavily. The idols are not satisfactory (they needed to replace it) and that is something that came back to the carpet, at the statement, over 2 years ago today, Omega levels.

    If such an alteration will certainly cringe (the desire was to decrease the PL and correct the rate of level gains), it would also welcome. The famed Idols would not be spared. Reviewed in March 2018they continue to reevaluate many cases of abuse and have many flaws. A flash patch had even reduced their efficacy on the challenges before the team backtracked because of bugs. Les Songes, incidentally, is an ideal illustration of a devious application of idols. They are utilized to buy Kamas Dofus Retro multiply the rewards with percentages producing characters making light the best of their Chinese bots! A growth in difficulty, yes.