Your answer was respected wow gold classic

  • Your answer was respected wow gold classic by me until I saw you calling pve players pussies. Myself and I perform just and'm a hardcore raider. Once I am playing a WoW Classic personal server I do a lot of pvp battleground myself. I can tell by your attitude you think you're really cool for enjoying something or a server and makes you better at the game?? Get your head from your ass and quit talking about what other people do... hate seeing unwanted people exactly like you.

    Everything in this post is defending PVE servers you anger and because I've got an opinion? You're the person who must pull on your mind. I have a right to an opinion, just as I'll call folks on RP servers weirdos, since that is my view. Actually. While I telephone them weirdos, I am not calling the folks on RP servers PvPers and raiders. Its just my OPINION. Anyways, I really do apologize, if you violated.

    If you find a lot of these guides, abilities are dismissed by them entirely because such as they are'situational' - only useful in some specific scenarios, which are then averted. If you are not out to buy gold classic wow juice best for your character you choose whatever function playstyle you like and can do whatever you need. I like all about the immersion: character and world. Totally plan on doing retard paladin (even obtained name chosen by Thalidin) on a pvp server. And also an Elf Druid main again simply because Teldrassil is so amazing (which has a sense as a pve server anyhow ). Horde have cities, except undead, that got ta be perfect for warlocks, priests and rogues, also possess an incredible start zone.