I'll try and simplify dofus kamas ilyzaelle here

  • Well, this is an issue that is pretty huge, but I'll try and simplify dofus kamas ilyzaelle here. It comes down to place planning and creating Dofus kamas. Building sets on Dofusbook is really critical as creating a great set requires a whole lot of planning. Once you make a set, after that you can adjust it until you get a good budget collection. I used an AP/MP Gelano from if I could afford it(roughly level 100) before my final 200 endgame.

    Appears to be a long time, and it is, however, getting a 1 AP/MP is going to save you 10+MK on every set because you do not need to get an MP or AP exo you make. 11/6 is pretty much expected, and that I did not need to conduct a exo before lvl 200 once I got rid of my own gelano. Another significant issue is to search to your Dofuses. Although I didn't do so for ivory(and never will, this questline stinks ), all the other ones are totally doable, and very surprisingly simple when you've got a guild that's active and will help. Ebony can be accomplished as lvl 190, and crim/turq/eme are all doable at 150s. This will save a ton of Dofus kamas on decorations, and offer you...seriously. Pretty Dofus some questlines just have a day or two and you get is worth 2mk +.

    I played Dofus as a child likely the last couple of years wakfu on/off and I played with, I am wondering if me and my friend should leap into Dofus playing 4 chars each. Whats Dofus classic, should we perform that? Any thoughts are useful, thanks.Honestly in a turn based game such as this I would rather play multiple characters. Just how many do I along with cheap Dofus Kamas my friend need for a complete group for all content? I see 4 is run by a few people today however I believed max party size was 8?