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  • Miner has been among the trades that are most troublesome to ride and is dofus kamas ilyzaelle. Competition, low prosperity and robots, it was a calvary for most even if it generated very good memories together with another minors during extended hours of summertime. (provided you understand how to do it!)

    The Minerals are lours, really heavy. It'll be quite easy to fill your bag, even in the event that you don't harvest a lot. Initially we advocate a bag of the Great Adventurer, level 60, which will provide you around 1000 pods without conditions and for 25.000 to 50.000 Dofus Kamas according to the Servers. A Dragoturkey (using a Force bonus when possible) may also be useful for saving some resources while waiting to be able to go to the bank. Make a speedy equipment devoted to your trade and put in strength.

    These two shortcuts will be in harvesting, quite useful. The first will display the emphasized interactive elements and the will accumulate actions. It's advisable to replace the"y" using"w" (you need to however eliminate the Idols, currently occupying the main ), which will allow you to buy dofus kamas echo ease access to both shortcuts in precisely the same time. Miner's recipes can ask you from levels for minerals to generate your metals. Don't neglect a small spot of Iron, it'll be helpful for you later, or resold very quickly!