lore in RuneScape gold the King Black Dragon

  • I will be talking about Vindicta's lore, lore in RuneScape gold the King Black Dragon and lore concerning the One of a Kind quest.I've lately been looking up stuff about Ilujan*a.Knowing which Vindicta's parent's Morvannon, Morvannon was murdered by Zamoraks Hellhounds in the conclusion of the Second Age, maybe at the start of the Third Age. Meaning that Vindicta as an egg needed to have been laid prior to then.We know that Gorvek rescued Egg Vindicta in the first Third AgeThis means that Vindicta, at least as an egg at the moment, was alive since the Third Age.

    When she hatched Although we don't know it a massive period of the start of the Third Age throughout the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth ages. Vindicta is one old IlujanDecision a.Though I'm not completed yet.We also know that Hannibus had family back on Iaia due to the ending of One of a Kind at which we fulfill his great-great-great-great-granddaughter,Sharrigan.

    Hannibus came to Gielinor in the Second Age and didn't return to Iaia before we meet Sharrigan, meaning Hannibus also had either a child back Iaia prior to the Third Age on Gielinor.We also know that Hannibus did not know he had a 4x-great-grandaughter as in conversations in One of a Kind he tells her"It was great to have met you. Is Vindicta unique? Or are there grandparent Ilujan*a last issue that is living on Iaia?And should they really do live that long would possibly other Ilujan * a and Sharrigan be imagining the species extinction when they might live for cheap OSRS gold centuries more?One to consider in. Vindicta is more than 2000 years old.