while playing RuneScape gold"The Light Inside"

  • I guess this to be a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation?!

    Maybe a spoiler, perhaps not. Anyways, while playing RuneScape gold"The Light Inside" we were given a vision of back if Seren and Zaros were Mah's Caretakers. In this cutscene, Zaros maintained and talks of finding the eggs where the Elder Gods hatched. "It was simple enough to discover the memories, even when you look carefully enough. Six of them, one of something and five of form. By which spanned from the five eggs located in the Elder Halls on Freneskae.

    So who is this 6th one which Zaros mentioned? He said"One of something else." So possibly the Elder God at incorporeal?

    I don't usually bring Runelabs stuff here. But because it seems to concern the lore community, figured I'd give it a shot.Can Support HereJagex has been telling us for a while that Quests are limited as a result of funding. Thats understandable, since they do tend to be more heavy on tools. But, its annoying buy old school rs gold that several quests last year we've had are made temporary afterward removed. Quests like the Penguin Sequel at December, the Cases of Meg, and The Easter Quest.